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We at The Alberta Guitar Company offer an extensive line of quality Classics.


Ramirez Line

Jose Ramirez is one this century's most recognized and respected names in classical guitar.  In spite of incredible demand, the Ramirez workshop produces fewer than 150 concert guitars per year in order to maintain the highest possible quality control.  These instruments are built by some of the most talented luthiers in the world.  The student guitars, including the R and E series, are among the finest instruments available in their class.


Takamine Classical Guitars

This company is proud that such a tradition continues in a world that forces most to adopt assembly-line tactics.  You'll find that even the most affordable Takamine Classical with its deep mellow lyrical tone is an instrument any professional would gladly play in concert or in the studio.


Raimundo Classicals

The Raimundo line represents some of the best values available in Spanish student guitars.  All of these instruments have solid cedar or spruce tops of excellent quality.  The attention to detail and workmanship is superb -- the perfect buy for the aspiring student.


Jasmine Studio Series Sized Guitars

This line from Takamine provides educators with correctly proportioned guitars for school aged players.  Unlike many "toy" guitars available today, these quality instruments intonate and play correctly, providing young students with a solid foundation for musical growth.  Packaged complete with a gig bag!!  Available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full-sized.


The Alberta Guitar Company offers a large selection of specialty strings and accessories


Hannabach, a German string maker since 1869, has focused their attention on development and production of strings for the concert guitar.

Hannabach classical guitar strings are available in 5 different tensions which include Flamenco high and low tension.


The Alberta Guitar Co. is located at

227 - 14 St. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 2Z1