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Teachers in Calgary
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Classical Guitar Teachers in Calgary

Aileen Bache, Calgary School of Classical Guitar, 262-9934
Holly Blazina, 283-6218
Sharon Carne, Instructor at Mount Royal College, 239-3784 or email at
Jose Fermin,, or 293-9372
Mandy Loban-Jordan, leave message on pager at 229-7741
Andy Madsen, 285-8406
Brad Mahon, 932-6217
Ralph Maier, Instructor at Mount Royal College, 249-1823
Jake Salomons, Professor at University of Calgary, 255-0476
Milos Kratky, Instructor at the Classical Conservatory of Music, 255-1801
Dale Ketcheson, University of Lethbridge,
Flute: Anna Clarke, 255-6908