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Why Should I Join The Classical Guitar Society of Calgary?

Trimonthly newsletters that contain articles of interest, upcoming events reviews, etc.

Discounts on concerts featuring international, national, and local artists.

Masterclasses - an opportunity to play for and learn from some of the best guitarists in the world.

Monthly membership meetings

         Include informal playing
         presentations on topics of interest
         a chance to meet people with similar interests
         just listen (you don't have to play)
         Play ensemble music
         try out your latest piece

Opportunities for members to gain performing experience in and around Calgary (coffee shops etc.)

Workshops and demonstrations

a website that you can participate in by submitting articles to be published


You can join the Classical Guitar Society Online by filling out the form below and submitting it.  However, payment must still be made by snail-mail by sending your cheque to the address listed at the bottom of the form page.  Once your payment is received you will be notified as to your member status.

First Name

Last Name



City (if outside Calgary)

Postal Code



Student $20 per year    Adult $30 per year    Family $45 per year

Donor $100 per year


Membership/Donor fees may be mailed to:

Martin Watson       
60 Berkley Close, NW
Calgary, AB
T3K 1B3

Please make cheque payable to The Classical Guitar Society of Calgary

Charity # 0512129-22