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This space is for news and messages for Classical Guitar Society of Calgary members.  Non-members are, of course, welcome to look here as there may be things for sale or some web sites posted to check out. 


Members are encouraged to post messages here by emailing   

with a request.  Messages can be about anything of interest that you may not find elsewhere on the web site.  Personal events such as concerts, or your regular gig, instruments for sale, or whatever you can think of that is society or guitar related.  


Teachers and Students take note: 

Here is a web site that you might want to look at.

 It is an online search engine of Teachers of every instrument for various regions.  You can join for free to get your name and location posted and for a small fee you can have a lengthier posting with your own descriptions about what you teach etc.  This site was brought to our attention by society member Milos Kratky who is listed on the site.  I believe that there are a couple of other members listed there as well.



   Society member Bob McAuley has some guitars for sale